Supermoon 2016 - Jared Luther

The full moon November, 2016, was not only the closest and brightest moon of 2016 but also the largest since 1948.  A full moon won't be this close to Earth again until November, 2034.  Now when it comes to observing the moon, or photographing it for that matter, the "supermoon" isn't all that larger than any other full moon.  But it's always fun to go out and capture something rare.  

I wanted to catch the moon over the Wellsville mountain range.  Those mountains are to the west of my home, so it would be an early morning shoot. The morning of the actual full moon was kind of hazy with high clouds, so I went back to bed.  The next day was much clearer.  As the sun came up, there was still a haze in the valley, but good enough.  

The moon rises and sets 50 minutes later than the day before (which makes sense if you think about it for all the phases of the moon to cycle in a month).  Just as the moon approached setting behind the ridge, the sun rose above the mountains to the east giving me this excellent shot.  Had I gotten up the morning before, the moon would have set before the sun hit the ridge line.  Sometimes it's good to procrastinate.

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