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My Safari Hat

Ah, yes.  Blogging.  It's so the 2000's, or "The Naughts" ("The Eighties," "The Nineties," "The Naughts") as some would say.  Blogs have been replaced by social media.  Ironically for a photographer starting a "blog," the most popular social media sites rely on photographs (Instagram, Pinterest, etc.).  

I want to share stories with you.  As I continue to learn and explore photography, I think there is more than just the image.  Of course, the image is THE story.  But there's the background story of the image .  The story capturing it.  The story sharing it.  My late mother's passion was telling stories.  Perhaps that's where my motivations comes from.  

I hope to post several times a week.  I have a head start of 18 months of new photos and perhaps one or two much older than that worth sharing.  There are also images not actually captured by me that I'd also like to talk about.  

I appreciate the support and encouragement of family and friends to this point.  I hope you enjoy my galleries and take time to read my stories.  Please comment and ask questions.  I want to be different than most photographers and have a two-way conversation about these moments that I've captured.  By doing so, I think it will make the photograph more beautiful to both of us.  As it is in the Social Media World, please like and share the posts that got you here.  

Quick story about this image - This as a weekend trip to Jackson Hole, WY in June, 2015.  I had run the first annual Grand Teton Half Marathon the day before (hence the sweater).  My wife, Jennifer, and I were exploring the area and the race route for some shots.  She took this of me on a pedestrian bridge over the Snake River.  Earlier that day, we were browsing the shops in Jackson and found this hat.  Anticipating the adventures I wanted to have in photography, I wanted a "safari" hat.  This is no small decision, so we visited several places before making a purchase.  It was a good choice.  I love this hat and like to put my "photo cap" on when it's time to go shooting.  


Here are several other images from that day.  

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