Jonathan Livingston Seagull - Jared Luther

Jonathan Livingston Seagull is a short story published in 1970.  It has many symbolic themes and precepts about life, learning, and being true to yourself.  I can relate in many ways.  My upbringing was a little unconventional and my passion to be curious makes me feel that I don't belong at times.  

I've discovered in my photography journey that learning to take pictures too will change how you look at the world.  I captured this shot of a seagull in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho last spring.  Having lived in Utah most my life, seagulls are a pretty common sight.  You see them when you visit the ocean.  Even on this day, there were dozens on the beach of Lake Coeur d'Alene.  However, I am moved by this picture.  The grace of its glide.  The strong full spread of the wings.  The glow of the translucent feathers catching the sunlight.  What a magnificent creature!  

But it's just a seagull.  

Perhaps it's Jonathan back to teach and remind us that there is nothing common in this world.  All of creation has a unique and peculiar magnificence.  We just need to open our eyes, and our hearts, to see it.  

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