Crash and Burn - Jared Luther

I haven't posted on the blog for some time. I've been bummed out lately. My PC hard drive crashed and I lost some images from September.  I knew it was coming. I even had the replacement drive sitting on my desk. Procrastination got me.  

I made a local backup when I knew the drive was failing, but that was a month ago. I subscribe to an online backup service, but because of the failing drive (I think), it hasn't been completely backed up for a number of months.  All in all, I lost a couple hundred shots. The best ones were already edited, and uploaded to other locations. So not a total loss, but I don't have the source files anymore. I cannot go back to those.   

In addition to feeling dumb for not taking care of business sooner to prevent this, I have a odd sense of loss. It's like a part of me has died and is incomplete. It's a fascinating and unpleasant feeling. I know I'll be more vigilant in the future.  

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