Bold Fox - Jared Luther

Heading to Jackson, WY this weekend to support the LOTOJA Classic bicycle race.  After the race, I'll have some time to explore and take photos.  I hope I come back with images and stories.  

Last time I was in Jackson and Grand Teton National Park, I met this fox.  My wife and I were up for a quick New Year's Eve day getaway.  The temperatures were below zero degrees Fahrenheit most of the day.  We took a drive down the Moose-Wilson Road.  One of our favorite places to look for wildlife when we visit the area.  We saw this fox at a bit of a distance earlier.   Not all of the snow is cleared on this road, so a mile or so later we turned around.   Jennifer told me to stop because the fox was "right there."  I asked "Where?!?" thinking it was 20 or 30 yards away as this fox walks up the snow bank on the edge of the road right up to our truck.  I reached into the back seat to grab the camera and took this shot through the open passenger door window.  

This guy sure didn't mind us.  He just went about his business.  I parked, got out and watched him hear and catch some food under the snow.  

You never know when you'll run into a wild animal in our National Parks.  It's one reason I love visiting them.  Hoping for more adventures this weekend.  

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