Beauty in Hindsight - Jared Luther

I love this shot.  The sky is so intense, ominous,  foreboding.  Then in the corner is the Logan LDS (Mormon) Temple.  So small and insignificant.  Many, including myself, see that temple as a symbol of strength and goodness.  Sometimes we feel our good intentions are up against insurmountable odds.

Funny thing is, I didn't notice any of those things in this picture until months later.  This was taken the night before the Forth of July.  I was preparing to capture some images of the fireworks show above Utah State University.  I had just finished a photowalk around a local car show earlier that evening.  I was thinking about fireworks and cars.  Not about sunsets and good versus evil.  The sunset WAS spectacular the night, so I swung the camera around, snapped this shot, and went back to waiting for the fireworks.

It reminds me how we might do this in life as well as in pictures.  Life hits us with the unexpected, both good and bad, at the most unexpected times, again both good and bad.  We need to be ready for those surprises.  Sometimes they're short and of little or no consequence.  Open your eyes to those moments in time.  See the beauty of the time between the events.

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