Adventures (and Fire) In The Tetons - Jared Luther

As I mentioned last week, my wife and I assisted with radio communications for the LOTOJA Classic bike race to Jackson, WY last weekend.  I treated my wife to an early birthday present and we spent an extra day in the area to explore.  

We checked out Schwabachers Landing for the first time, drove the Moose-Wilson road a couple times (caught a glimpse of a black bear cub), took in the view from the top of Signal Mountain and enjoyed a river raft float trip down the Snake River.  Didn't get many pictures this trip, but I'm getting quite a collection of images from the area and created my own gallery of images in and around Grand Teton National Park.  

I was awoken the middle of Sunday night with the strong smell of smoke.  A wildfire north of the park was swept up by strong winds during the day, grew by 6,000 acres and traveled 6 miles in one place.  During the night, the winds shifted and blew the smoke through the Jackson Hole valley.  So the last day of our trip was hazy, with stinging eyes and clothes that smelled like campfire.  

Here are some quick shots from the trip and you can see more in the gallery